The guest speaker is a key part of The Club's lunchtime meetings. The majority of weekly speakers are recommended by the Speaker's Committee which meets regularly to suggest and invite speakers, and to schedule program sequences throughout the year. If someone wishes to volunteer himself (or herself) as a speaker (with a well-defined subject) or if someone wishes to recommend someone else as a speaker, such requests (and supporting information) should be submitted to the Speaker's Committee co-chair, Stuart Purviance by phone (505) 241-4810 or preferably by e-mail ( Such requests are reviewed by the Speaker's Committee at the next scheduled meeting. Acceptance, or denial of such a request, is conveyed by the committee chair soon after the pertinent Speaker's Committee meeting. If the committee accepts your offer to speak, the chair will inform you of the possible dates that are available for your presentation. If you were selected to speak by one of the members of the committee, it is the responsibility of that same member to inform you of the acceptance, as well as the best date for such a presentation. Once a firm date is set, the committee chair and the inviting member must receive a title from you for that date.

The Speaker's Committee's role is to select weekly programs that are of broad appeal to members of the club. This involves selection of excellent speakers as well as subjects that are of general interest. Programs are meant to be informational, educational and/or, if possible, entertaining. Subjects of presentation that are selected commonly have some connection with Albuquerque, or the State of New Mexico. They may also relate to issues of current and national interest. The committee is careful to screen out requests for presentations that might appear to be self-promotional of products, programs, of other activities. Annually there are a few presentations that deal with the efforts of charitable non-profit organizations, but these are most commonly given by some of our own club members who represent such organizations.

The Speaker's Committee is very careful not to schedule presentations that can only be given with the aid of audio-visual aids such as overhead projections, 35-mm slide projections, or computer projections from a laptop computer. Because of the size of the group and the lay-out of the tables during a luncheon gathering, such media-supported presentations are difficult to handle and not particularly successful.



Once you have received an invitation to make a presentation, or your suggested program has been approved, the club will need some materials from you to make sure that your subject and professional background are distributed to club members (via the weekly published Round Table), one week before the scheduled time. This means having the following materials at the Rotary Office not later than two weeks prior to the date of presentation. These are: 1) The title of your presentation; 2) A color, or black and white photograph of you, with your name and mailing address on a label at the back of the photograph (make sure not to damage the photo). If the photo must be returned to you, please state that on the label as well; 3) A biographical sketch, somewhere between 200 and 300 words, in a narrative format (not just a listing of dates, appointments, or job titles), and perhaps a short paragraph that expands on the title of your presentation, and 4) The best way to reach you, such as a phone or fax number, as well as your e-mail address. A packet of the above must reach the Rotary Club Office not later than two weeks before your scheduled presentation. An e-mail containing all of this information is fine as well.

If you are invited to be the program speaker for such a program, YOU MUST MAKE SURE TO BE AT OUR MEETING ROOM NO LATER THAN 11:45 A.M. to allow for preliminaries.


Please remember, as stated earlier, audio-visual equipment is not good for any presentation in the present lunch room format. Furthermore, the club can not assume the high cost of renting such equipment. If a PowerPoint presentation is truly essential, we ask you to provide your own computer projector and laptop computer; the club will provide a screen.

A few more points, regarding the actual presentation. Please remember the time allotted is between 15 and 20 minutes. Present your subject such that the members will be engaged. Speeches that are read are not successful. Refrain from promoting any specific product or program, and also refrain from anything that might suggest fund raising for whatever the excellent cause might be. The Rotary Club has it own processes for annual fund raising and allocation of such funds. The Speaker's Committee really wants excellent presentations and well prepared, lucid speakers. If the Committee had to choose between speaker quality and subject matter, it would prefer good speakers, instead of good subjects with poor presenters.

If you are planning to provide any kind of handouts, their content must be approved before distribution. Generally such fliers are stacked on a table close to the registration desk. Sometimes they are set out on the lunch tables, about five per table. Please contact the club for advice (505) 242-2651.

The Club has a publicity committee that regularly notifies the media about our programs. The media may, at times, be in attendance during a presentation. If you need to know whether this might occur, please call the club.